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Artist | Student | Varied
Art styles: Acting, Singing, Writing, Cosplay/Costume-making, Drawing

Field of Study: Professional Theatre: it is my goal to become a fully fledged actress both for the screen and stage. ^_^ My wish is to act on Broadway and London Stages someday.

Favourite genre of music: Musicals!! (specifically, Les Miserables, Stephen Sondheim and Disney Musicals)

Favourite style of art: I love well executed manga/anime art. I think my preferred style of medium is watercolour. I also like looking at beautiful photography.

MP3 player of choice: iPod. Just because I've had mine forever.
Scent of choice: Chance, Eau Fraiche, by Chanel
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that has to do with Roy Mustang!

Favourite cartoon character: Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Naria, Ariel (the Little Mermaid)

Skills (or odds and ends): Acting, Singing, Writing, Sewing, Drawing, Dancing, Horseback-riding, Archery (though I never get to practice! *sad face*)

My Cat is a Gremlin!!

Fri Dec 21, 2012, 12:51 PM

For those of you who have never been to my house (or for those of you who have never met me in person, as I do tend to rant about my cats quite a lot!), I have two cats.

:star: The first one is Nightcrawler (Nightie for short): :star:
Named after the X-Men character, naturally!
Male, one and a half years old, silky black fur, probably a mix with a Siamese (very slender features and a long, tall, slinky slender body), and meows a LOT. He is MEGA curious: he pokes his head into anything and everything new and even into old stuff he hasn't seen in a while. He also explores the inside of the washer and dryer whenever he gets the chance.
He likes sleeping in the bathtub, eating elastics of all shapes and sizes, climbing stuff. He dislikes being surprised by water and having his head covered (be it with a blanket or anything).

:star: The other one is Midna: :star:
Photobucket  (Sorry, I only have crappy cellphone pictures of when she was a kitten - I can't find my more recent ones! :'(  )
My personal little Twilight Princess!
Female, just turned one year old, tortoiseshell fur pattern with a little bit of white on her neck (which makes it look like she has a fluffy white collar). She is much smaller than Nightie and has a much more general "domestic cat" look, though she is adorable! I sometimes say she has a Pokemon face - she has this cute little face and Łber-long white whiskers! She chirps rather than meows, so she sounds a little like a dove. She is a big scaredy cat (despite her diminutive size), disappearing completely for HOURS at a time (we have yet to find out where she goes when this happens) when someone she doesn't know is in our apartment. When it's just her humans though, she's an incredibly cute and snuggly cat and she will purr up a storm that puts tigers to shame while gently nudging us before curling up and falling asleep on our feet.
She likes toys: she has one octopus with a bell that she adores and drags around the house everywhere and one battered old catnip mousie that she still plays with as if it had been day one. She also LOVES people food. The other day, she snuck up to me (I thought she wanted to be petted) but then she grabbed a fry from my plate and took off, really smug about it too!!! She dislikes being picked up and loud noises.

:star::star::star:  Now to the Gremlin part - I am sure this is true, as I have fed them after midnight once...

Midna's gremlin behaviour is perhaps the most obvious. She chews cables. All cables. All the time. My speakers are now unusable. My laptop cable is patched up with electrical tape EVERYWHERE and I don't want to know what the tv cables look like...

So, you've guessed it, this post is mostly about Nightcrawler.

I love him to bits, but he needs to stop eating everything! While Midna enjoys people food and cables, Nightie eats everything else! I caught him just an hour ago in one of my fabric boxes... he was eating my tulle!!! He's had an obsession with eating tulle fabric ever since we've gotten him. I've had to rescue several projects from him! He once even swallowed over a foot worth of tulle scraps! What the hell?!
But yeah, earlier today, I was looking for him, and, suddenly, at the very, very top of my bookshelf, where I keep my tulle box (to keep it away from Nightcrawler), I hear a sound. Nightie pokes his head out of the box. I have NO IDEA HOW he made it up to the highest shelf!! However, when I looked inside the tulle box, there was some definite marks that he had been in there for a while: there are actually bite shaped chews taken out of my tulle! XD  Luckily, that was just leftover stuff from an old project, so I didn't mind too much...

HOWEVER, here is how he is a gremlin in a second way... He pisses me off on purpose. Why do I say on purpose? Because when I am working on a sewing project, pinning stuff together, he follows me and pulls out the pins! I swear it's true! I'll need to film it someday! I was pinning a dress the other day (so several yards of fabric) and he was two feet behind me, pulling out the pins. I didn't notice until much later, by which time the bloody cat had unpinned half the dress!!! *rage quit*

The reason why I think he does this to piss me off is because he never plays with the pins. He just pulls out a pin and drops it. Moves on to the next one. Pulls it out and drops it. etc. etc. etc. I could not believe my eyes!

He also did that when I organised my pin-cushion the other day. I had just finished organising it and left to go to the bathroom. I came back to find the cat crouched beside the pin cushion with roughly 10 pins around the cushion that he had just pulled out!! *RAGE QUIT*

Just kidding, I am not about to rage quit any time soon... However, I can't help but wonder if anyone else is experiencing gremliny behaviour from their cats and, if you are a cosplayer whose workshop is (sadly) not in a room with doors to keep cats out, what do you do to prevent this sort of behaviour/how do you deal with your cats?

Cheers - I'm going to go bake cookies now.

Oh, and happy apocalypse, lol

  • Mood: Bewildered
  • Listening to: Jesus Christ Superstar

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